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think4unity is a unit of COMPEX MARKETING PVT.LTD.  with a motto " think globaly Act locally " under company act 2013 founded in 2017, headquartered at Rewa and frenchisee office at Jabalpur  associated with a Tech office in Punjab, Ludhiana City.Think4Unity  as a unit of CompEx marketing private limited receives many monthly visits, generates unique coupons online can be redeemed at the various outlet in companies authirised centers at various  town , city and Metro with honor has thousand subscribers and more App downloads shortly.


think4unity has grown to become India's largest discount and offer destination and creates marketing,popular ease and certain for any new or ambitious business. At think4unity, we help you to make life ease ,smart & save money through our unity based concept with comprehensive multiple coupons generation, offers, deals and discounts from top online brands and websites.You can also earn reliable Discount  on top of the merchant discounts every time you shop through us with a powerful concept " think globaly Act locally ".

You can make better shopping decisions through our powerful Price Comparison Browser Extension. Our aim is to create unity of customer ward and panchayt wise to generate  smart shoppers by empowering customers to make the best possible choices. We sweeten everyday deals and makes online shopping more rewarding. think4unity makes life ease quite simple pleasant by giving and receiving. think4unity makes your expenses calculative and according to your need in a simple way.


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              Get coupan of think4unity and  use it any where of  our authorized  counter in india  applied common for all citizen of india  uniformaly to avail benifites .

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              Get motivated if you belong to any group or company  or individual  through a tangible Human Resources  benifite in polite and friendly way.think4unity  coupon permits their member for purchase and avail of services and sell according to the need in flexible way.Presently think4unity  coupon are accepted in four district’s outlet right now for daily needs expences and will expand in all teretory of India .think4unity  opens new outlets  as per requiremnet  of the associates and theam of work. think4unity  introduces coupon system which are accepted in prominent  Departmental shop ,mauls ,restaurants, pizzerias, café, bakeries, sweet shops, ice cream parlors, food stores, juice centres, fast food points, large format food stores etc in your region that can meet diverse needs of your workforce .

             Energy efficiency & sustainability services, plumbing/water treatment plant/sewage treatment plant operation, annual equipment operation & maintenance contracts, project management, etc.think4unity is  primary integrated facility management services  in India .

            In improving daily life, enabling a better work-life balance and recognizing effort, we have a positive effect on members motivation and contribute to our retailer’s performance, development and in the achievement of their strategic objectives.